Our Company Experience

Our academy features four distinct companies, each catering to dancers eager to delve deeper into their craft. Hinsdale Ballet Theatre, comprising Company, Apprentice, and Trainee positions, is an internationally renowned ballet company. It has earned accolades such as YAGP Outstanding School & Teachers, YAGP Finals placements, and top honors from ADC/IBC, among others.

Junior Company offers diverse opportunities, including space for young dancers to explore both ballet and contemporary disciplines. Hinsdale Dance Project Elite is a company tailored for those with a preference for jazz, and Petite Dance Company offers an introductory platform for 5/6 year old dancers. We hold high expectations for our company members' commitment and their readiness to learn as they begin each year.

Beyond dance, these lessons hold value for life. Whether a student aspires to be a professional dancer or simply seeks to enjoy dancing and performing through high school, our support will accompany them every step of the way.

Hinsdale Ballet Theatre

The dancers of HBT are committed to learning the skills that will launch them into the professional world, and are taught to exhibit the grace, excellence and drive that come along with that goal.

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HBT Trainee

These young artists take a step up in their commitment to dance under the watchful eye of our faculty. With a heavy emphasis on classical ballet, the trainees are held to a higher standard while also protecting their time outside of the studio.

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Junior Company

Our Junior Company (JuCo), has a focus on exploring both classical ballet and contemporary, as well as some jazz. We help these young dancers explore what dance styles they are passionate about, while also laying down a strong foundation for work ethic and commitment.

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Hinsdale Dance Project

HDP offers dancers a look into the competition scene, where their jazz, lyrical and hip-hop skills are honed. Vying for a place in the commercial dance space, these company members have a curriculum catered to their craft while keeping a foundation of classical ballet.

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Petite Dance Company

Being the youngest age group out of all our companies, PDC is a place for these little ones to get a taste for the stage and an introduction to working together as a group.

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