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Every dancer dreams about being on stage...

The Hinsdale Ballet Theatre turns that dream into a reality.

The Hinsdale Ballet Theatre is a pre-professional ballet company which provides aspiring, young dancers an opportunity to perform full-length classical ballets, cutting-edge new and existing contemporary works by well-known choreographers, and the privilege of working with Master Instructors during the Academy‚Äôs Master Class Series.  Hinsdale Ballet Theatre's goal is to prepare those young dancers, interested in a dance career, for the professional/collegiate dance community.  In order to educate young dancers properly, they must be exposed to not only high quality training, but a plethora of performance opportunities as well.  Becoming a Dance Artist is about more than just taking class.  Class develops technique, giving the dancer the tools necessary to produce a work of art; the stage becomes the canvas on which masterpieces are created - both are necessary for success.  When both come together, true Artists are born.


Hinsdale Ballet Theatre, the Junior Company, and the Petite Dance Company afford young aspiring dancers the opportunity to perform in professional productions, partake in workshops led by dance masters in the industry, and compete at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix and other local competitions.






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