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HDA'S 12th annual Spring Dance Concert (Recital) Information 

Below is a list of classes eligible for participation in HDA's 12th Annual Spring Dance Concert, "In the Spotlight", on June 1st and 2nd at 12 PM & 4 PM at Nazareth Academy. 

All CLASSES will perform in ONE of the four shows. Exact show assignments will be announced at a later date. 

Mandatory Tech Week: May 28th-June 2nd 

Your dancer must be registered for the class they will be participating in January-June 2024 to learn their dances and practice weekly during class time. All Company members (PDC, HDP, JUCO and HBT) are required to participate. 
Non-company dancers will have the option to "opt-out" of Recital January 8th-14th via email. 
Dancers who register after the opt-out period will not be eligible to perform. 
Opt-out of recital dates: January 9th-14th 
Recital Fees Charged: February 16th 
Mandatory Tech Week: May 28th-June 2nd 
Recital Performance Dates: June 1st and 2nd
Performance Times: 12:00pm & 4:00pm  

Performance Fees:
Non-Company Dancers- $125.00
Company Dancers (PDC, JUCO, HDP, HBT)- $185.00 

Costume Fees:
YCP (Mommy and Me, Ages 3-4, Ages 5-6) $105.00 per costume 
I, II-A,II-B Project A/B $110.00per costume
III-A,III-B, IV/V/PP Project C $110.00per costume  

Young Children's Program: 
If you would like to add Tap/Jazz combo in January for Recital, those classes are currently active in the parent portal for you to add to your January classes. 
*Please note that we need at least 3 students in each dance in order for them to perform. If your Pre-Ballet, Tap/Jazz combo or Jazz/HipHop class only has 2 participating dancers, we may choose to have them learn another class dance and perform with them on stage. 
All Mommy and Me classes participate in 1 combined dance  
All Pre-Ballet I classes  
All Pre-Ballet II classes  
All Tap/Jazz combo I classes 
All Tap/Jazz combo II and Jazz/Hip Hop II classes  

*If less than 3 dancers sign up for a class dance, that class will learn another class's dance and perform with them on stage. 

Level I Ballet Tuesday- Mr. Patrick 
Level I Ballet Wednesday- Mr. Patrick 
Level I Ballet Thursday- Mr. Patrick 
Level I Ballet Friday- Mr. Patrick  
Level I Jazz Tuesday- Ms. Tessa 
Level I Jazz Wednesday- Ms. Sami 
Level I Jazz Thursday- Ms. Sami   

Level II-A Ballet Monday- Ms. Takara 
Level II-A Ballet Wednesday- Ms. Grace 
Level II-A Jazz Friday- Ms. Julianne    

Level II-B Ballet Thursday- Ms. Grace 
Level II-B Contemporary Tuesday-Mr. Kris   

Level III-A Ballet Tuesday- Ms. Julianne 
Level III-A Contemporary Tuesday- Mr. Kris   

Level III-B Ballet Thursday- Mr. Patrick 
Level III-B Contemporary Tuesday- Mr. Kris   

Level IV Ballet Tuesday *on pointe-Ms. Julianne 
Level V/Pre-Pro Ballet Tuesday *on pointe- Ms. Nicole 
Level IV/V/Pre-Pro Contemporary Wednesday- Ms. Julianne  

Project Level A Lyrical/Contemporary Monday-Ms. Emily 
Project Level A Jazz/Hip Hop Thursday-Ms. Sami 
Project Level A/B Acro Thursday-Ms. Tessa 
Project Level B Ballet Wednesday-Ms.Grace 
Project Level C Lyrical/Contemporary Friday-Ms. Julianne

*Please note, company dancers are required to perform with their classes in Recital (Spring Dance Concert).

All PDC Large Groups and Duets

All JUCO Groups and 1 Solo per soloist at Ms. Shannon and Ms. Takara's discretion

All HDP Groups and 1 Solo per soloist at Ms. Sami's discretion

All HBT Groups. Trainee and Apprentice Soloists will perform just their classical solos for Recital, Company Members will perform 1 classical and 1 contemporary solo.
5 Senior pieces.

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